Who Are We



 MorPark, Inc. was founded in 2003 by Treopia Moore to provide housing and services targeted to low and very low-income households in South Pulaski County, Arkansas. Statistics show that 60% of these residents live below the poverty line.  MorPark, Inc. will be comprised of 34 rental units located in a rural low-to-moderate income area in her home town. Residents of these units will be targeted to homeless individuals who meet the eligibility requirements. Approximately 79% of the units will be reserved for special needs households. 20% will be identified for disabled, and/or those recovering from substance abuse. Additionally, there is a need to engage the youth and  community in health education, workforce development, nutrition, education,  financial literacy, and other forms of sustainable educational services. MorPark, Inc. will provide for its families in  the community -at-large these optional services.

Treopia Moore

Founder of MorPark Inc

Little Rock, Arkansas

Who we are

Our Board Members

Alyce Williams

Treasurer- MorPark Inc

Alyce is a founding member of Morpark Inc. She sat alongside Miss Treopia and knows the vison of the oraganzation. She is dedicated to supporting the community and veterans in and around the Little Rock & Wrightsville Area. She is pillar in the community. 

Erica D. Wright

Secretary- MorPark Inc

Erica is a Veteran of the United States Navy and Chief Yeoman since 2004. She is dedicated to supporting the community and veterans in and around the Little Rock Area. Her previous experiences has allotted her the expertise to lead and advocate the efforts of MorPark. She is dedicated to uplifting MorPark's mission to provide sustainability to her fellow veterans and their families. 

Who we are

Meet The Founders

Kittie Payton

CEO- MorPark Inc

Kittie is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority and she has had a passion for community service since moving from Los Angeles to Arkansas. She believes it takes a village to raise a child and is using her mothers legacy to bring opportunities to fruition for the Little Rock community. Kittie attended HBC Philander Smith College in 2005 obtaining a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and plans to cultivate innovation for Little Rock.

Tracie Payton Thomas

Owner- MorPark Inc.

Tracie is a visionary with an aim to empower those in her community. Her previous work experience as well as her education has supplied her with the skills to gather, organize and provide resources to those in need. She is dedicated to helping with Domestic Violence Awareness, as well as being a volunteer in her community. Tracie holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management and a Master in Entrepreneurship. She will use her education to inspire the youth